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Delve Deeper into Data.


Present data to users and colleagues in a palatable fashion with our analytics builder section so you convey key live data and forecast data in a digestible manner for better decision making and effective communication between colleagues and customers.


Hone in on potential areas of concern i.e. time taken to destuff containers or outbound load waiting times so you quickly address critical shortcomings in your operation and therefore allocate resources quickly and efficiently for an overall smoother operation.


View discrepancies between supplier documentation and real-time information so that potential gaps in quantity of supplied goods can be flagged and address immediately. 

Data can be updated and displayed in a multitude of graphs so you can view and respond to critical indicators in real-time and thus also react to future concerns quicker so that problems are prevented rather than reacted upon.

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Drive data-led decisions within your operation using our simple and informative analytics section. View your most important KPI's and metrics at a glance which gives you more visibility and assurance that inventory is being maintained accurately and efficiently.

The insights and data our analytics section provides will allow you to gain a competitive advantage within the market and allow your business to scale without losing track of your operations.

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