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Financial & Billing Management

Automate your supplier and financial process

Working in the Warehouse

Smart Hub provides clear and transparent client invoicing when it comes to charging for fulfilment costs and associated processes relating to all 3PL services offered.

Ensure your business receives timely cash flow by ensuring invoices for storage and value added services are billed for automatically at predetermined intervals i.e. daily, weekly or monthly so customers are able to receive and pay in the quickest possible time.

Set each bill for different services rendered within your 3PL operation i.e. customer tariffs, per pallet, hazmat, cold storage, pick and pack, shipping, handling, container destuff and more so that your customers always receive an accurate itemised bill without the risk of duplicated data amounts.

Calculate recurring billing charges i.e. charge for services based on when you bill your customers (daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, etc).


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Send automatic notifications via email and on the dashboard manager when bills are becoming due, currently due and past due with visually striking radial bar indicators, colour coded based on urgency to keep customers in the loop and timely prompted. 

Accrue late fees automatically via the live interactive invoicing mechanism which updates every day to display additional late fees without the need for manual inputting which is then downloadable into PDF format.

Bill separately per each contract running concurrently for each business customer so that invoices amounts are attuned to specific contractual service requirements

Forecast growth and revenue projections for up to a month in advance based on past data to project what future revenue will be so you can plan in terms of resource, labour and space.


Account for labour productivity i.e. time spent undertaking activities such as container destuffing, pick-pack and put-away so that costs can be accurately  monitored for monetary checks-and-balances.

Multiple charging methods for automatically calculating storage costs for clients based on different aspects, such as:

•Stock management fees
•Location based charging

to maximise storage revenue for the client billing period.


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