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Asset Management

View and track all your assets in real time.

Working in the Warehouse

An effective asset inventory management system is vital to a company understanding how their equipment is being utilised and the surplus value by owning the equipment generates. Otherwise, a company may pay more taxes, insurance or maintenance costs for depreciated items or things they no longer own which can have a large impact on the operating accounts.

Our Asset Management tracking system follows an item’s life cycle from purchase until disposal by enabling users to locate assets, query certification status, view maintenance logs and future plan their servicing, availability and usage in real time.


What's more it uses real-time micro data to analyse usage trends, calculate added value and depreciation, schedule upgrades and repairs and predict when a company should replace assets.

Our asset management software can track equipment, vehicles, computers, devices, fixtures, furniture and essential documents to help with:

  • Reducing duplicate purchases

  • Reducing the frequency of asset audits

  • Increasing awareness of lost items

  • Improving tracking of important documents for legal or regulatory compliance

  • Enhancing quality control and quality assurance (QA)

  • Reducing costs through regular repair and maintenance checks

  • Minimizing equipment downtime because the system prompts users to order parts before scheduled maintenance

  • Reduces labor costs because employees always have the resources they need, when they need them

  • Limits downtime

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Our integrated smart IoT platforms are able to work in conjunction with our Warehouse Management Systems to provide additional benefits when monitoring value assets. 

Our smart cages, pallets and stillages for instance are fitted with GPS devices and can allow users to track high value inventory anywhere in the world regardless of how remote the assets are as they are powered using the latest Lithium pouch cell batteries. All assets are then displayed via a user friendly map interface where users can query the location, distance, geo fencing etc in realtime.

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