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Order Management

Track your stock from start to finish.


Improve your order picking with digital mobile scanning

Mobile barcode systems are a new tool in inventory control software that enables users to provide accurate stock data with lesser errors, thereby enabling retailers to operate more efficiently.

Moving away from manual paper-based picking to mobile barcode scanning is made easy with our barcode scanning system. Use it to book in inbound deliveries, transfer and manage outbound stock plus day-to-day administration such as damages and returns.

Also tracking goods throughout the supply chain and link item to all kinds of real-time information. Barcodes are widely used in the retail industry to keep track of inventory. 

Our system can help you scan items that are in your inventory, thereby eliminating the need to manually key everything into a software system or spreadsheet.



Receiving & creating sales orders – Easily receive and create sales orders from different channels all in one centralised place.
Pick and Pack  – Create picking lists from orders. Sort as required by location, SKU, expiry date, as required.

Optimal route suggestion for multi-SKU pick -  Allow our innovative pick and pack feature to automatically suggest the optimal pick route which will ensure your warehouse runs as efficiently as possible. 

Returns – Manage returns. Record return reasons, update stock, generate reports for analysis.
Manage multiple shipping methods/couriers - Integrate with your preferred shipping partners easily to ensure a seamless order process from pick to ship, all in one system.

Order Validation - Validate that the correct items have been picked and provide clear warnings for wrong items - inaccurate orders are almost impossible when using Smart WMS


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Effective method of inventory item control

Our order management software consolidates orders from multiple sales channels into one centralised system and allows you to integrate with various  other ecommerce platforms .

By implementing an Order Management System, you also remove the need to log into multiple platforms, saving time and providing easier collaboration with integrations such as couriers, accounting systems, marketplaces and inventory systems and marketing campaigns. Our Order Management system streamlines operations enabling tasks to be fully automated saving crucial processing time and resources.

For existing 3PL (third-party logistic) providers and online based retailers  wanting to upscale their business operations then our OMS will ultimately be a worthy investment providing major long-term cost savings whilst also laying the ground work for a smoother and steeper growth curve. Business customers will also be able to utilise system extensions and customisable features. 


Dynamic Pick & Pack System

Our real-time pick and pack platform tracks is a visual based system which shows individual pick-faces and quantities of each items. Each item and or SKU awaiting pick can be queued with automatic push notifications to show when SKU's are running low. Data can also be presented via pie charts to show percentage of items picked so users understand the rate at which items are selling so slow moving goods can be reallocated back into stock. 

The pick and pack system provides real-time display of your pick faces being used within the warehouse at the time. This allows you to see quantities per pallet and react quicker to quantities below a certain threshold. 

Due to the level of integration and dynamics of the system it enables users  to control most fulfilment services remotely and respond within ample time to pick and pack operations saving time and resources.

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