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Labour Management


Track your team and work efficiently

Working in the Warehouse

Manage all aspects of labour within your warehouse operation to maximise productivity and improve task allocations to ensure that the right amount of resources and staff are deployed to each task so costs are always kept to the most efficient
Staff can clock in-and-out using facial ID which automatically time stamps arrival and departure and also allows users to schedule shifts and breaks. Staff can also be assigned to inbound and outbound deliveries or pick-pack tasks with indicators to monitor unload and load times, packaging tasks, pallet reworks and putaway services. The data can then be extrapolated from these tasks and input into various analytical graphs which can be presented in the form of charts and graphs and managed and improved via KPI for smarter analysis and key areas of improvement. 

Labour forecasting for upcoming inbound arrivals and departures is easily managed through the clean interface which enables the user to carry out future planning easily so the optimal level or resources can be deployed so surplus labour and resources can be shifted elsewhere into more pressing areas providing a soother working environment with greater harmony.

​Also track field based or remote workers using our intelligent mobile app which will provide real time geo location updates plus travel history of their movements.

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Key features 
Clocking In - Ensure your staff are on time.
Breaks - Assign set breaks for staff-
Scheduling - schedule staff to inbound deliveries

Estimated performance standards 
KPI Management - Create, assign, and manage KPI's for employees. Easily set targets and benchmarks, generate reports, and push adherence to KPI performance
Cost estimations – estimate labour costs based on staff assigned to deliveries
Team Assembly - Group staff together for particular tasks and HR planning

Configure fatigue coefficients and personal usage times.

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Integrate our Smartsight RFID Workwear to analyse direct and indirect labour activities, as well as control inputs and outputs so you can evaluate critical performances and ensure workers are assigned correct tasks. 

Our innovative IoT based workwear has RFID tags and labels woven directly into the fabric to eliminate the need for staff to carry plastic entry cards or wear/carry fobs externally which can be lost or create hazards i.e. lanyards being caught around the neck. Instead the RDFID tags are embedded into the fabric and virtually hidden in plain sight so they cannot be tampered with, stolen or even noticed! 

Creates access control systems so staff can be permitted or excluded from sensitive zones, perfect for warehouses storing highly dangerous goods such as COMAH or sensitive food ingredients to prevent cross contamination. 


IoT based work uniform integration.
Staff Management System.

Our Staff Management System allows team leaders to efficiently and effectively oversee all staff related operations and procedures. Team leaders will have access to a wide variety of tools, ranging from in-depth individual and team performance analytics, to user-friendly drag and drop weekly shift scheduling.


Working hand-in-hand with our pioneering Smart uniform, precise employee heat activity mapping and zonal analytics can be plotted for both individuals and the team(s) to create zonal performance ratings. Based on an employee’s current qualification levels, alongside their zonal performance ratings, team leaders will have the ability to maximise warehouse performance levels by assigning staff to their most effective zones.


Management orientated permissions can be pre-set to approve clock in arrival and departure times, leave of absence, holidays, emergencies and authorise any other work related discrepancies. Coupled with our in-depth employee statistics, team leaders will be able to pinpoint specific areas of recognition, as well as any space for growth.

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